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ecoBrush( Paste-spreading toothbrush with brushing)

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  • MaterialSilicon, PBT, PC

[apoL Inc]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Just brush up tooth and, the clean paste is to be spread on the tooth directly and evenly according to the movement of brush during brushing.

“ecoBRush” is a new concept toothbrush, which uses the “PSWB(Paste-Spreading With Brushing )”method, making it possible to automatically dispense toothpaste onto the tooth surface while tooth are being brushed. While tooth are being brushed, “ecoBRush” continues to dispense evenly a certain amount of toothpaste from the nipple among the bristle.

 Also, toothpaste is continuously dispensed while tooth are being brushed, which allows you to brush your tooth with the toothpaste which is not exposed to food stains, molds, and various bacteria. In short, the pharmacological effects of toothpaste can be maximized, making possible to clean your tooth effectively and leaves a nice fresh taste in your mouth.

What matters is “when and how the toothpaste in the toothbrush is dispensed”, which is a very important factor in determining the effects of tooth brushing, and illustrating the difference between the “ecoBRush” and general toothbrush